Charleston, The Holy City


In this city—the Holy city—love and forgiveness are the order of the day. Remarkably they have been the order of the day from the instant of the horrific events, through the week that followed, and they continue to this day. Ordinary people did and said extraordinary things to lead the rest of us past the temptation of hate, past the lure of revenge, past the pull of anger. They led us to grace and love. 

As I walk around my adopted hometown, my eyes meet the eyes of those I pass. It has always been that way. Dubbed the friendliest city, I supposed for a long time that I was merely witnessing the politeness and civility of the South. But I’ve come to see that my neighbors offer so much more than that. We in Charleston are united in grace and love. More now than ever before.

Upon first visiting Charleston a few years ago, the architecture, the history, the culture, the geography, even the climate, pulled my husband and I to put down roots and call Charleston home. And then we started meeting the fine people of Charleston, people who are filled with humor, intelligence, compassion, love, and grace.

Our president in his phenomenal eulogy said that grace is not earned, not merited. He also cautioned that we as individuals determine what we do with that grace. Charleston has shown the world what to do.

4 Comments on “Charleston, The Holy City

  1. Beautifully written. Charleston has shown the world what to do-I just hope everyone follows their lead. XO

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