Crone, Mother, Maiden


Empowering Passage

We are expecting another grandchild at the beginning of 2018. Thomas Allan Gordon will enter the world into his loving family: Rebecca and Joe and six-year-old sister, Lilah Jean.

Following Lilah’s birth, and for the next six years, Rebecca suffered from Lyme Disease, an insidious auto-immune disease. Insidious because not only is it very difficult to diagnose, but even more problematic is the fact that once diagnosed there are few medical professionals who are Lyme literate and can actually help the Lyme patient recover. But Rebecca is smart and tenacious, and she and the medical team she assembled found their way through the disease with remarkable determination.

One of the deeply held goals Rebecca had throughout her illness was becoming healthy so she and Joe could grow their family. She worked with her medical team to make that happen.

Needless to say, I am ecstatic for all of them. For Rebecca and Joe, a dream come true. For Lilah, a sibling for a lifetime. They have chosen Joe’s father’s name for the baby’s given name and my grandfather’s name, Allan Gordon, for his middle names. This baby is most assuredly part of something much bigger than himself.

I was in awe of Rebecca’s fortitude, dedication, and strength throughout her labor with Lilah. I never experienced labor—my two babies, Rebecca and her older sister Katie, were born through Caesarean Section. Katie had entered the birth canal fanny first, and the delivering doctor said an emergency caesarean was necessary, immediately. I asked to do some movements I knew about to turn her, but the doctor insisted she was already in the birth canal and that wouldn’t work. I went along with the doctor, assuming his ideas for my delivery were for the best. Having delivered my first baby through C-Section, my obstetrician insisted I deliver Rebecca the same way or go elsewhere. I wanted healthy babies. Who was I to disagree?

I was blessed to have been present during Lilah’s birth. Joe and I rounded out the team of midwives who attended to Rebecca during her labor and delivery. Lilah crowned fully inside the amniotic sac. A rare event (1 in 80,000 births), the midwives were excited to witness what is known as being born in the caul. Joe and I were excited just on general principles!

What I now know is that Rebecca and her older sister in their labors and deliveries tapped into an ancient system of knowledge, a transcendent power and wisdom that comes to women who experience labor and birth. They experienced the true capacity of the female body.

I have the privilege of getting to witness this miracle again. I remember my tasks from Lilah’s delivery and know I can do it again. After all, the midwives do all the tricky stuff. I don’t need to know nothin’ ‘bout birthin’ no babies!

And then Lilah announced she wanted to see her baby brother being born. So now I will be with my daughter and her husband and my granddaughter to witness and experience this empowering passage with the birth of Thomas. Crone and mother and maiden tapping into powerful, ancient knowledge.

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