Connecting Kids to Books They Want to Read

November is Scholastic Book Fair month in many schools across the country. These exciting week-long book fairs deliver mobile shelves filled with affordable books to schools: new releases, best sellers, and award winning titles filled with characters and subjects kids love and want to read about. The books are hand-selected by Scholastic experts, and Scholastic provides the books, planning tools and display cases for the events, which are run by volunteer parents, teachers, and school librarians.

Scholastic Book Fairs generate more than 200 million dollars in cash and resources for schools, which receive a portion of sales from every book fair they host. And the events provide students, teachers and parents with access to thousands of affordable books and educational products.

I saw the following on social media and think it’s a wonderful idea:

Many kids don’t have money from home to buy a book at the fair. Offer to your child’s teacher that you’d like to give $8 to $10 for him or her to quietly give to two children who don’t bring money from home but would like to buy a book.

Find a fair at a school near you by visiting Scholastic Book Fairs


4 Comments on “Connecting Kids to Books They Want to Read

  1. Thanks Deborah. Woodruff Elementary’s Book Fair begins on Nov. 11. I plan to make a contribution.



  2. I love this philosophy, and have shared it on social media already. 🙂

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