The Magic of Journey

Journey cover

Do you remember young Harold who drew the world of his imagination with a purple crayon? Crockett Johnson’s beloved classic Harold and the Purple Crayon surely had an influence on Aaron Becker’s magnificent visual narrative Journey, but Becker’s luminous illustrations in his wordless picture book are no mere imitations of Johnson’s book nor Harold’s drawings.

In Becker’s stunning visual narrative, the heroine, a lonely young girl, takes a red marker and draws a magic door in her bedroom wall and then sets off on a journey into wonder and adventure.

The heroine draws a small boat that carries her to a magnificent castle and her eventual capture by an evil emperor. Her daring adventures leads her to a courageous act of kindness and to the greatest gift of all: her heart’s desire.

A 2014 Caldecott Honor Book, the intricate illustrations in Journey are simply gorgeous. Becker’s illustrations call for wondrous examination, over and over again, and are a beautiful accompaniment to an exquisite story. The story and illustrations combine to create a glorious invitation to your own journey. You may just find the magic of Journey takes you and your child to your hearts’ desires.

Journey by Aaron Becker, Candlewick Press, 2013, ages 4 to 8

Journey received 5 out of 5 stars with 296 customer reviews at


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